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30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 10 Animal Ears

Gold Arm glared at the mirror as he inspected the appendages that had been attached to his helm. The small tiger ears were set on the top of his head and were wirelessly connected to his neural net so that they accurately conveyed his emotion. They were currently folded down to each side expressing his extreme irritation. He was ready to tear them off when he heard the door open. He turned around to glare at whoever came to bother him. When he saw it was Magnum he relaxed a bit and the ears lifted slightly.

Magnum had been given large cat ears and they flitted playfully as he made his way over to the younger mech.

"You almost ready?"

Gold Arm snorted and the ears flattened against his head. “No! I want these stupid things off my head!”

Magnum gave him a sad look and his ears wilted to the side.

Gold Arm felt him self blush. The ears making the already expressive older mech more disarming. 

"We only have to ware them for a little bit." Magnum reached up and petted one of his own ears. "I kind of like them."

"You would." Gold Arm grumbled.

Magnum chuckled and reached up to scratch behind Gold Arms ears. “I think they look cute on you.”

Gold Arm growled then wrapped his arms around Magnum and pulled him close.

"Yeah well maybe this tiger wants some pussy." He said with a chuckle

Magnum groaned and pushed the young mech away. “Thats gross Gold Arm. Now come on the photographer is waiting.”

The two waked out into the main room where everything had been set up to take pictures of the ears. The whole pointe of the ad was to encourage owners of common mechanoid to buy accessories for their bots. It was common practice to use famous mechs, like Iron Leaguers, even though the likely hood of them wearing them on a regular basis was very unlikely.

Gold Mask and Gold Foot had already had their turn and had quickly removed the embarrassing accessories.

Magnum stepped on stage first and did as the photographer told him. They wanted different shots of the emotions that the ears could express. So they asked him to act happy and sad. Excited and scared, until they had taken enough shots of the ears full functions.

Magnum stepped down and Gold Arm took his place.

"Alright Mr Gold Arm I would like you to show me being happy." The photographer said.

Gold Arm gave a fake smile but the ears staid flat in irritation.

"Um Gold Arm we need you to actually act happy, otherwise the ears wont work."

Gold Arm growled. “I’m a pitcher not an actor!”

The Photographer sighed and took a few shots of the ears in the current position.

Then Magnum just happened to walk up behind the photographer to talk to the other two brothers. He looked over at Gold Arm for a moment, who looked ready to storm off the stage. He waved to get the young mech attention.

Gold Arm saw the wave and looked over. Magnum smiled at him sweetly which made him relax a bit. He gave a small smile back and thats when the ears popped up.

The photographer spotted it and quickly took some picture. Then he looked to see what had changed the mechs mood and saw Magnum standing just behind him. He motioned for the pitcher to continue before turning back to the stage.

"Alright Gold Arm now I need you to act embarrassed."

Gold Arm turned back to the camera with a frown. “I don’t get embarrassed.” He shot back.

Magnum thought for a moment then waved for Gold Arms attention again. He placed a finger on his lip, tipped his head ever so slightly to the side while his ears drooped down. He widened his eyes while shifting back and forth ever so slight.

Gold Arm flushed and the ears rotated again.

"Alright Gold Arm how about really angry."

He growled at the photographer. “I’ll show you angry!”

Gold Foot had caught on to what Magnum was doing, and decided to offer his assistance. He walked up next to Magnum and without warning grabbed the older mechs aft.

Magnum jumped and gave a small yelp.

"Hey!" Gold Arm roared as his ears shot up and back.

The photographer captured the full motion.

"Alright Gold Arm how about being surprised."

The pitcher gave a deep growl and was ready to rip the camera off the stand and shove it down the humans throat. Thats when Magnum suddenly trotted onto the stage his ears flipping playfully. He stopped next the young pitcher and began nuzzling his cheek while his ears playfully batted at him.

Gold Arm tensed and his ears flipped around in a mired of emotions. 

The photographer captured all of them.

Then Magnum gave Gold Arm a sweet kiss on the cheek causing his ears to shoot strait up and almost bristle.

"Alright thats a rap. Good job, especially you Magnum. They might use that last one as a bonus picture."

Gold Arm stammered as he tried to protest the use of the picture. “Why did you do that?” He said to Magnum finally.

Magnum got an evil glint in his eye. “That was for last time.”

All the oil left Gold Arms face as he realized millions could see the photo.

He wasn’t as lucky as Magnum in just having embarrassing photo given to Magnum. It was published, and he spent several weeks fighting with his owner that he would not wear them during games. And no he would not react the photo at the end of every game they had with Silver Castle.

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 9 Hanging Out With Friends

The night was cool but it made the bon fire all that more welcoming. The Silver Castle team, the Gold Brothers, the Fighting Brothers, and Wild Hawk were enjoying a night at the beach.

Windy was terrorizing Gold Foot per usual. Gold Mask had taken up a spot with Ryuken who was showing him how to make a smore with the simulated oil marshmallow and chocolate between two nickel cracker. Magnum was siting on a log with Gold Arm watching everyone and making small talk. Seagull had also chosen to join them and was attempting to get some of Ruris attention, but her father and uncle were being very cunning about intervening.

After being thwarted times Seagull gave up and sat next to Richard. He looked over at Magnum and Gold Arm who looked content snuggling with each other. Then he looked at the older man beside him.

“Tell me Richard. Did you program that?” He asked motioning to the pair.

Richard looked at the two for a moment while taking a sip of his coffee.

“Quite the contrary. Gold Arm was created to be more advanced then Magnum in every way. We never could have predicted him to be…well, to have such a low level of maturity when he was activated. At the same time we never could have foreseen Frontier taking on such a nurturing roll towards Gold Arm.”

He took a sip of his coffee as he watched Gold Arm nuzzle the older mechs helm as he held his hand.

“I guess you could say God has his fingers in more things than we know.”

Gold Arm was enjoying being able to snuggle Magnum. They had been apart for a while due to a busy season. He was about to suggest they go somewhere more privet when Wild Hawk sat beside them.

“Oi Gold Arm you going to hog Magnum all night?”

Gold Arm growled and pulled Magnum closer to him. “Well he is my mate. So I have every right to hog him.”

Wild Hawk snorted and pulled Magnum towards him. “Well as a past lover I think I have the right to make up for lost time.”

Magnum slipped out of their grasped and stood up. “Now lets not fight, and ruin a nice night.” He said trying to defuse the situation.

The two ignored him and glared each other down.

Gold Arm could smell the high grad oil on the older mechs breath. “You need to learn your place you old reck.”

Wild Hawk snorted. “I think you need a good ass whoopin you little punk.”

Magnum was desperately trying to settle them when suddenly someone grabbed his hand. He looked back to see Gold Mask smiling at him. 

“Come dance with me Magnum.” He said as he pulled the older mech away from the battling pair.

Magnum had no time to protest before he was dragged to the other side of the bon fire were the radio was playing. 

Gold Arm glanced up just in time to see Magnum being dragged away.

“Hey!” He yelled ignoring his fight with Wild Hawk. He got up and chased after the two ignoring the challenges the horned pitcher was yelling after him.

Gold Mask stopped where the radio was the loudest and began swinging Magnum about. The older mech could hardly keep his footing.

Gold Arm was a few steps away when Gold Mask suddenly spun Magnum so hard he twisted out of Gold Arms reach and was quickly caught by Windy.

The speedster pulled Magnum away, laughing hysterically. After he got a few feet away from the other raging pitcher he came to a sudden stop and used the momentum to toss Magnum to Gold Foot. The striker caught the disoriented pitcher and began running around the other side of the bon fire. 

Gold Arm roared angrily as he chased after his brother. It was quite clear this had become a game of keep away and poor Magnum was the object of desire.

After Gold Foot did a lap around the bon fire he tossed the helpless pitcher to Ryukin,  The karate leaguer chuckled before handing him over to Bull Armor. The large mech had barely grabbed him before he was tripped by Top Joy, sending poor Magnum flying. Unfortunately Top Joy failed to catch him and the soaring pitcher landed on GZ. The hockey leaguer looked down at Magnum with a bit of surprise.

Magnum thought his ordeal was over but he barely slid out of the blue mechs lap when Arrow scooped him up and carried him off towards his brother Spirit.

Gold Arm was seething now and he was ready to rip all their heads off to get his Magnum back.

"Brother please put me down." Magnum pleaded.

Spirit smiled down at his helpless brother. “Do no fear my young brother. As your older sibling and protector I will take you away from these barbarians.”

Magnum groaned as his brother speed off down the beach. He was tracked closely by a raging Gold Arm, while the rest of the team trailed behind him.

Seagull and Richard watched the group run off yelling into the night. They were both dumbfounded by the sudden childish behavior the group was displaying.

Richard took a sip of his coffee. “And if I had been able to foresee that I would have given up science and taken up fortune telling.”


Fort Max can’t handle the Rung.

engine-red and I recently found out that we both share the headcanon of Fort Max burying his face in his hands when getting called cute. I actually have two pages filled with robots reacting in different ways, maybe I’ll post them here one day, too.

I ship Rung with pretty much everybody (Skids, Rodimus, Megs, you name it), but Fort Max has to be my favorite for him. Also, the size kink is strong with this one.

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